Technical site inspection

This retailer will assess your specific needs and the features of your home on-site to make sure to offer you the product that suits you best.

Stove installation

This retailer relies on qualified technicians who are trained and authorised by Cadel to ensure error-proof installation in compliance with current regulations.

Zero interest purchase

This retailer has joined Cadel's “Zero interest” campaign, which allows you to purchase your stove or fireplace with interest-free instalments. Read more.

Flue design and installation

This retailer takes care of the design and installation of the flue system that is most suitable for your home and for the product you have chosen, either directly or through a licensed professional.

Annual maintenance

This retailer offers a stove or fireplace cleaning, maintenance and inspection service. This check-up has to be done once a year, as required by law (find out more about annual maintenance).

Wood and pellets for sale

This retailer also sells fuel, with high-quality wood or pellets available at convenient prices, also with home delivery.


    "Master" resale
    Better shopping experience. Showroom with a wide selection of Cadel products and updated with the latest news. Staff trained to provide qualified and professional assistance at every stage of the sale.

    32036, SEDICO
    BL, Italy

    Contact person: Monego Pierluigi

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