Please always request a skilled installer

Assistance and installations

  • We remind that before using your heat generator it is necessary to read carefully the instruction manual.
  • Before contacting the manufacturer please check what specified.
  • To install chimneys or fume conduits please contact a specialized technician who will carefully follow all regulations provided by EN 10683.
  • The manufacturer will not be responsible for installations made without compliance with laws.
  • We invite all customers to read the warranty before benefiting from technical assistance service.

In case of technical support

  • In case of product failure, please contact your retailer who either will directly give you assistance or will get in contact with CADEL’s official service network.
  • To find the nearest CADEL’s authorized assistance service and ask for an intervention click here.
  • We remind you that to benefit from warranty provided by the law you have always to submit to the authorized assistance service the required purchasing documents and installation certificates.

Cadel srl after-sale service

To request a technical action or in case of problems with the product contact your retailer. If it won’t be possible to solve the issue by telephone, the practice will be forwarded to the costumer’s nearest Technical Assistance Service.