10,5 kW

Fenice Plus 11

10,5 kW
Ducted – Pellet Air Plus

A new round design with innovative lines. The top and ventilation grille blend in perfectly with the front section. The smooth decorative fitting, available in three different finishes, combined with 5-star environmental certification, Flexit technology and the GoFast ignition system, make it one of the most outstanding products in the entire range. The Plus version is ductable up to 6 metres.

Heatable volume min/max
84/294 m3



Comfort mode

Available finishes

L 79 cm H 130 cm P 67 cm

L 79 cm
H 130 cm
P 67 cm

Available finishes

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Technical data

Nominal power
10,5 kW

Heating input
12 kW

Heatable volume min/max
84/294 m3

Heatable surface min/max
32/105 m2

Hopper capacity
20 kg

Range min/max
8/29 h

Hourly consumption min/max
0,7/2,5 kg/h

Nominal performance

Reduced performance

Reduced power
3 kW

Net weight
133 kg

Pellet fuel
Ø 6 mm

Exhaust fumes
Ø 80 mm

Hole combustion air inlet
Ø 60 mm

Ducting outlet




Concentric flue kit (optional)

Cast iron door

Sealed chamber

Cast iron burning pot

Cast iron inner with 2nd combustion air

Duction with 1 independent motor

Comfort mode

Integrated WiFi

Integrated Bluetooth

Connection to the external thermostat

Daily weekly programming

Back exhaust


Certificate model name: FENICE PLUS 11 T1