Thermo stoves

Thermo stoves

  • Nominal power (kW)

  • Heatable surface (mq)

  • Stove type

  • Exhaust fumes

11,8 kW
Thermo stoves
Idro Prince 12 11,8 kW
22,8 kW
Pellet Hydro
Idro River 23 22,8 kW
18 kW
Pellet inserts
Saturno 16 18 kW
24,7 kW
Pellet inserts – Pellet Hydro
Saturno 24 24,7 kW

To make the heating system of your home green and affordable, Cadel offers a complete range of pellet thermo stoves. Various models with different energy outputs meet the needs of all homes, making the house a cosy, welcoming place, and combining the atmosphere of a fireplace with the practicality and warmth that only a pellet-based hydro stove can provide.

These mini heating systems are complete with all the necessary parts and come with water kits: each thermo stove has with a circulating water pump, expansion tank and safety valve, thereby avoiding additional expenses and reducing installation times.

In addition to the water kit, which includes a circulating pump, expansion tank and safety valve, Cadel’s H2 thermo stoves come with a kit to heat tap water also. With this solution, you can heat the water used in the bathroom and kitchen, in addition to the water in the radiators. This pellet thermo stove performs all the functions of an ordinary boiler, plus it’s environmentally-friendly and affordable, perfect for daily heating needs from morning to evening.

All Hydro models are A+ energy rating certified, and have been given 4 stars from Aria Pulita and 7 stars from Flamme Verte. They also qualify for Conto Termico financial incentives and the financing offered by the Bundesamt für Wirtschaft und Ausfuhrkontrolle (BAFA).