Pellet stoves

The wide range of pellet stoves by Cadel includes units that suit every need, from heating small spaces to spreading warmth to multiple rooms in the house. You can count on our Air units (ventilated pellet stoves) and Air Plus units (ducted pellet stoves),selecting the power output that meets your needs, or opting for a Thermo stove to heat the water in your home and make use of radiator or under-floor heating systems.

Ventilated pellet stoves

Pellet Air
Ideal for small environments, with powers from 5 to 11 kW

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Ductable pellet stoves

Pellet Air Plus
Heat multiple rooms in the house, power from 9 to 14 kW

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Thermo stoves

Pellet Hydro
Ideal stoves for also heating water and radiators

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Pellet inserts

Our built-in pellet stoves

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