Frequently asked questions

1) Where can I buy one of your stoves?

Our company does not sell directly to customers. If you are interested in buying one of our stoves, please find your nearest Cadel authorised retailer.

2) Where can I find any spare parts or customer service?

You can order spare parts for your stove or ask for assistance from an authorised Cadel technician by contacting the nearest technical service centre, which you can find by entering your country and Postal Code in the “find a service center” section of our site.

3) What kind of pellet should I use to obtain constant and satisfactory operating performance from my stove?

We suggest you buy light coloured and low-dust pellet (for example Austrian pellet). It is a good idea to have some at home during installation/first start-up of your stove, so that the authorised technician may fine tune the stove in the most appropriate way.

4) How often should I clean my stove?

For a correct operation and a long lasting performance, it is recommended that the stove
be cleaned by an authorised technician at least once a year. The technician will explain the three cleaning stages which you may also find in the instructions booklet.

5) Is it true that pellet and wood stoves are less polluting than other heating systems?

Certainly. Using a wood stove or pellet stove reduces the release of polluting gases in the atmosphere.

6) Is it true that heat produced by stoves is not as humid as that produced by other kinds of heating systems?

Yes, the heat produced by pellet and wood stoves is very dry and prevents accumulation of humidity inside the house, an advantage for the building itself as well as for the people who live in it.