Heat is conveyed into several rooms

When you want to heat several rooms with a single heat source, a ductable pellet stove is the ideal answer. Thanks to the ductable system of pipes that convey the hot air from the system into other environments, the heat can be evenly distributed in several rooms of the same house.
The hot air is pushed by the fans inside the machine. Depending on your needs, you can choose a ductable stove with two or three outlets.
Cadel has made a full series of ductable stoves which feature “PLUS” in their name.
They are designed for every possible requirement, both for those who need a solution for limited spaces and for those seeking a more powerful output.


Duction with 1 independent motor
Duction with 2 independent motors
OPTIONAL Ventilation + light kit

Integrated heating system

With their affordable and convenient installation, the ducted pellet stoves are an optimal solution for an integrated heating system, especially in homes with considerable heat loss and high consumption or rooms without an adequate system.


Warm and dry environments

This kind of installation provides a comfortable, even warmth that can help reduce sudden changes in temperature between rooms, which removes dampness.


Simple and quiet

Ducted pellet stoves are convenient, instantly turn on and off, do not require special care when they start up and once they reach the desired temperature, they produce very little noise.


Quick and cost-effective

The ducted system is a very functional and a good value choice for heating purposes. It is quick and cost-effective both in terms of installation and response time.