Cubed heat technology

We have created a whole range of pellet stoves fitted with a sealed chamber and that can be identified from their name which features the 3 symbol (cubed). This technology trebles the performance of the stoves, thereby providing greater safety, higher performance and lower pollution.

Safety is not an optional feature for Cadel and this is way it decided to adopt the sealed chamber as a standard component and not as an extra element.


Natural convection, without fans
Cast iron door
Sealed chamber
Refractory stone inner with 2nd combustion air
Cast iron inner with 2nd combustion air
Stainless steel burning pot AISI
Cast iron burning pot
View on the oven
Aluminum auger
Integrated concentric outlet 80 - 130 mm
Ducting kit (optional)
Magic Glass
An innovative boiler composed of two aluminised steel shells
Concentric flue kit (optional)

Why choose a sealed chamber?

A standard pellet stove draws the air for the combustion process from the room it is in. This means that to have enough oxygen, you need air vents in the room. The sealed chamber works by drawing the oxygen directly from outside via a direct connection pipe and it is connected to the flue with an airtight smoke outlet. This is why the air vents are not mandatory and pellet stoves with a sealed chamber can be installed in any room, even in rooms where classic stoves cannot be placed, as shown by the drawing below. Cadel wants its pellet stoves with a sealed chamber to be a safe, efficient and cost-effective choice for any kind of house, which is why it created a wide and varied range to offer the best solution for any need.


Example of installation of a stove without a sealed chamber


Example of installation of a stove with a sealed chamber

Safe in every room

It is ideal for places like studio flats or bedrooms and meets the requirements for passive homes, as it draws oxygen directly from outside through an airtight pipe. Plus, it does not require air vents, thereby avoiding masonry work and relative added costs and eliminating annoying cold draughts that contribute to lowering the temperature in the room.


Sound and airtight

It is safe because if the boiler suddenly turns off, combustion smoke remains inside the stove and there is no risk of it leaking out.
The sealed chamber stove is hermetically sealed: air can only go in or come out from the special channels. Should there be any unexpected issue, the smoke produced by the stove is not released into the room.


Eco-friendly and convenient

With the sealed chamber stove, combustion is more regular, generates less pollution and has greater performance. The air is healthier because smoke does not leak from the stove, not even when it starts. Plus, thanks to the internal air being pre-heated, it is easier to clean as there is continuous circulation, which prevents smoke from creating deposits on the glass.


In line with European standards

It complies with EU regulations and meets the standards of the most restrictive European countries like France, Austria and Germany.
According to the UNI 10683:2012 standard, studio flats and bedrooms must have hermetically sealed appliances with a sealed chamber. This means that the air vent required for all other combustion and heating systems, is not mandatory.