Enjoying the warmth of your home …

Cadel pellet stoves have been designed to become a fundamental element of the home.
Designed down to the smallest detail to look good and be ideal for your interior and not just to heat rooms. These are high-tech quality products that are convenient and safe for everyday use.
The light and compact pellet can be loaded into the stove’s internal tank, which powers itself automatically and you don’t have to constantly revive the fire.
The convenience also lies in the fact that pellet does not soil surfaces, combustion residues are limited, rooms are cleaner and the stove requires little care. Easy to turn on and off, the pellet stoves turn on in a few steps and you can adjust the desired temperature by using the supplied remote control or with the App on your smartphone, thanks to the Wi-FI connexion. With the time thermostat you can set the operating time and program when the stove turns on every day based on two time slots.


Comfort mode
Wi-Fi kit (optional)
Remote control
Daily weekly programming
Connection to the external thermostat
Air temperature sensor
Water temperature sensor
Integrated Wi-Fi

Heat with peace of mind

As for safety, Cadel fits its machines with all the solutions to ensure they are suitable for any environment. The pellet stove’s flue is smaller than the flue of a wood stove and there is no risk that the combustion smoke will come out during normal use, as the draft is forced with a fan that pushes the smoke outside.
Cadel products are fitted with a pre-ignition safety system, a technology used to optimise the distribution of air to turn on the burning pot. This way all those issues that might result from a difficult start-up are removed.
Some models have a ‘switch feature’, a safety system that automatically turns the stove off when the door is opened. Cadel stoves are synonymous with safety and choosing one of them means enjoying the warmth of your home with full peace of mind.


Overheating protection
Burnproof handle

The right warmth for you and for nature

Using a Cadel heating system means making a choice that is beneficial both for you and the environment. This is an affordable choice as, thanks to a pellet stove, you can save from 100 to over 1,200 euro on your heating bill in one season, depending on the kind of system the stove replaces or integrates with. The cost of the fuel is very low and is combined with a very high output in terms of heat and duration. A Cadel stove is, above all, an environmental choice. Pellets are only made with natural materials and do not need chemical treatments. They are a renewable source of energy that is easy to find. Pellets mainly come from recycling the waste from processing wood, such as sawdust and wood shavings, which means fewer trees are cut. Moreover, pellet stoves produce incredibly low pollution levels. The percentage of CO2 and other polluting elements released into the air is extremely low. This is good for the planet, as it avoids waste and the amount of pellets required is easy to dose thanks to the stove’s management system, which accurately controls the introduction of the pellets into the combustion chamber based on the desired temperature. Less waste means an advantage to the environment, but also savings for your family.


Connection to the heating system
Complete kit heating + domestic water
Hydraulic kit included