Easy Connect Plus
For connected, smart pellet stoves

With the Easy Connect Plus app, featuring integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology, you can power on, set, control and power off all CADEL stoves directly from your smartphone, no matter where you are.

Three clear sections let you monitor and manage the
main operations, setting the times and temperatures
you desire, to optimise energy use and ensure comfort:

Information This section provides and overview of the state of operation of the stove, relative to the active features and settings.


Settings This section lets you set the power, room temperature, ducting and fan operation. Enable the
Eco Stop feature and set the temperature of the water
for boilers, water heaters and buffer tanks.


Smart thermostat This section lets you create programs that turn the pellet stove on and off. Customise the settings for optimal personal comfort.

Download the app for free

The app can be downloaded for free for Apple and Android operating systems, so you can always have an innovative platform from which to monitor and manage your heater.

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