Wood Stoves

10,7 kW


Restoring your mind and body

The pleasant warmth gradually released thanks to the boiler’s refractory stone is combined with being able to enjoy a cooker that enhances traditional flavours thanks to the wood fire. Sole is the wood stove with a removable oven at the top so that the heat released by the cast iron chamber heats food. The position of the oven and the option of removing it make it very handy for everyday use, a real help in the kitchen and also cost-effective. The power of the fire of this stove, entirely covered with precious hand-crafted majolica is used as much as possible and the resulting heat is conveyed through the ventilation system, which favours the circulation of hot air.

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White Majolica

Red Majolica

technical informations

Nominal power 10,7 kW
Nominal performance 77,2 %
Heatable volume min/max 257 m3
Fuel Wood
Hourly consumption min/max 3 kg/h
Exhaust diameter Ø 120 mm
Gross weight 224 kg
Dimensions L 60,3 – P 50 – H 121 cm
Oven dimensions L 41 – P 26,5 – H 38 cm
Packing volume 0,55 m3

Wood Stoves


9,5 kW


10,7 kW


10,7 kW