Tradition with a modern twist.

Cadel completely renovated the style of its wood cookers by adding a modern touch and improving their performance thanks to the sector’s new technologies. This way, the sense of tradition that wood cookers naturally have is combined with today’s convenience, innovation, safety and environmental sustainability: a combination that meets everyone’s needs. What join and unit everybody is the fire sight warming soul and body and creating a special and unique atmosphere.

Wood Insertion Cookers

KOOK 60 4.0

6,2 kW

KOOK 70 4.0

6,2 kW


7,5 kW

KOOK 90 4.0

7,5 kW

Free standing wood cooker


7,5 kW

Thanks to their die-cast iron frame Cadel cookers guarantee pleasant temperatures for a long time during the day.
All Cadel cookers are eco-friendly and for insertable models the employed technology permits to heat large spaces always ensuring an homogeneous distribution of heat throughout the room.

Scheme of how a cadel wood burning cooker works